The Art of the Wobble

7 Surefire Ways to Create A Masterpiece

Wobbling is an art. Not a paint-brush-on-canvas art but a true work of ingenuity mixed with talent. Little did we know when concocting this event that we were encompassing the “Seven Principles of Design”, which focus on producing art by utilizing the appropriate tools.


True definition: The sense of stability achieved through an object’s implied weight.
Our interpretation: To achieve stability, one must run with a glass of wine (half full, of course!) in each hand to maintain equilibrium.


True definition: The ratio of one art element to another.
Our interpretation: The size of your sip should be in accordance with the extent of your thirst.


True definition: When one art detail stands out more than another.
Our interpretation: The image of one lone, quicker-than-quick wobbler leaving the group of slower-than-molasses wobblers in his or her dust demonstrates the principle of priorities.


True definition: Focus on diversity or contrast is achieved by using different shapes, sizes, and colors.
Our interpretation: Red wine. White wine. Yellow shirt. Blue shorts. Fun costume. Scary outfit. Are you getting the picture?


True definition: The look or feel of action.
Our interpretation: Um, it’s a wine wobble, so of course there’s action. Duh.


True definition: Movement made by repeating elements to cause a visual tempo or beat.
Our interpretation: Stride in sync. Dance like you mean it at the after-party. If you’ve got rhythm, then who could ask for anything more?


True definition: Combining similar elements through repetition.
Our interpretation: Wobble, sip, repeat. Wobble, sip, repeat. Ahhhh. Simpatico!

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Please note: Smocks and paint brushes not required to join in on the fun.