The Ultimate Wobble Workout

A how-to guide on training for a fruitful experience

Marathons are for the stronghearted. Triathlons are for the truehearted. But wine runs are for the bighearted because participants love all things that are sweet…particularly when they come out of a bottle.

Training for a wine run is far different from a typical race. It takes courage. It takes stamina. It takes time to achieve overall endurance.

Here’s our three-step workout for getting fit before your run:


Grabbing a couple of dumbbells is child’s play compared to raising a glass of vino in a vineyard. The distractions – runners here, runners there…and grapes growing everywhere! – are enough to stop you mid-savor when drinking and running. The one-two punch of lifting while loping can send an amateur into a tizzy. That’s why we recommend pre-race training, which is key when it comes to lifting a drink to your lips.

Training tip: Since an average bottle of wine weighs nearly three pounds, we recommend starting with wine bottle curls (for your biceps), bottle overheads (for your triceps), and two-fisted chest presses (for upper body training.) Get ready, get set, lift!


The art of the sip is quite delicate. After you do the heavy lifting of hiking your glass up to your mouth, it’s time to set your throat muscles in motion. Before actually ingesting the exquisite liquid, you need to perform the following:

LookContemplate its color, cloudiness, and thickness.
SmellInhale its scent.
TasteGet a sense of its texture and length.
ThinkIs it balanced? Flavorful? Delicious?

Training tip: When conquering this portion of your workout, keep chanting the mantra: Look smell taste think. Oh, how I do love to drink.


Your mission isn’t complete yet. Now for the really tough work. The numerous reps of lift and sip, lift and sip, can become grueling for a newbie. That’s why practice makes perfect, and you absolutely must conquer this structured workout to become a master of the wine domain.

Our final advice is simply this: Want it…Work it…Win it. After all, no wobble workout is complete without wanting to join your friends, working it while running through open fields, and winning it by scoring plenty of the grape stuff.