We Put The “WIN” in WINe Run

The top five ways to win while wobbling

The word “wobble” has so many meanings like “teeter,” “totter,” “wiggle,” and even “shimmy.” All of these words are fun to say…and do. Our race offers five surefire ways to have fun while you wobble (WINners need only apply!)

Win #1: Running With Wine

As a child, your Mom said not to run with scissors…but she never said anything about running with wine. Now’s your chance!

Win #2: Grape-Stomping Fun

The dress code adds a whole new dimension to the fun. Eye-catching costumes – the crazier, the better – scream out your inner personality and your outer wackiness. Comfy shoes that, even if you get a blister, you’ll be so happy with your beverage of choice that you just won’t care. Where else could you dress up like this and get away with it?

Win #3: Make New Friends (But Keep The Old)

Nothing spells friendship like a run through a vineyard. A stranger needs help? Give ‘em a hand. Your buddy is way ahead of you? Then pick up the pace. Our motto: Friends don’t let friends wobble alone.

Win #4: Drink And Then Drink Some More

If your rating scale of fun pictures one glass equaling “meh” and five glasses equaling “woo hoo”, the Wine Wobble is a guaranteed five-plus glass affair. How can you fail with our beautiful winery located inches from the finish line? Celebrate your victory with a crisp Chardonnay or, if your performance is lacking, drown your sorrows in a tasty 3 Swans Pinot Noir.

Win #5: The Juice Is Worth The Squeeze

A grape’s juice is the sweetest in the land, and our grapes are just itching to be sipped. Combine your wine with some dancing moves like Jagger, a way-cool wobbler-themed t-shirt, and you’ve got yourself one big ol’ rave guaranteed to create that “What Happens At The Wobble Stays At The Wobble” experience.

Learn more about our next event here. After all, you can’t win if you don’t play!