Wine + Whiskey = A Wobbler’s Wish Come True

Learn How The Area’s Hottest Run Just Got Even Hotter

The Missouri Wine Wobble is heating things up for the Fall by adding whiskey to our liquid lineup. We’re ready to take the brrr out of brrr-isk with a delicious toddy guaranteed to make you wobble just a lottle, er, a little bit more.

All For Fun. Fun For All.

Ready to take the nip out of the air, the Missouri Wine Wobble is venturing out of the typical and into the topical: Whiskey, that is.

Did you know that people – especially millennials and women – are turning to whiskey? In fact, sales of American whiskey rose 7.7% in 2016, outpacing the entire spirits industry. The trend reached a turning point in 2014 when whiskey bypassed vodka in U.S. sales.

Neat Or Not?

You may like your whiskey neat (sans ice to better savor the flavor) or smooth (blends are a more consistent option) or with water. The choice is yours!

According to the journal Scientific Reports, water improves the flavor of whiskey because, simply put, “water traps compounds that are unpleasant” and “adding water releases molecules that improve the flavor.”

Name Your Poison

Many things are better when paired together. Think about it. Peanut butter and jelly. Peas and carrots. Fish and chips. And now wine and whiskey.

Whiskey also works with a variety of food including meats, cheeses and chocolate. But our favorite, of course, is pairing whiskey with wine to make our wobble a day to remember.

Fall into the fun with your drink of choice – either wine or whiskey – for the very first time Oct. 6. Sign Up Today